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This podcast explores Storygame & Indie RPG design. We record 5 hours of gameplay & interview, both with the game developer, and then boil it down to a little over 30 minutes, presented in an audio drama format with sound effects and music.

 Our release schedule is a work in progress. We currently aim for one episode a month and will post release dates on our personal socials or podcast socials.

Current Episode

Graveyard Girls (PDF)

"A Story-Game for Two Players who want to be Helen and Estelle, besties who hafta work early on the morning of Black Friday, so early in fact that they're just going to stay up all night, fighting time and anxiety with power and magic."


4 out of 5 dollars of  your purchase goes to the activist group Just Housing.

Designer: Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is a PoC game designer, musician, and housing justice activist living in Olympia, Washington.

In addition to Graveyard Girls, he co-wrote (with Orion Canning) 300, a game about the Battle of Thermopylae that you play while bowling, and Disney World, a Powered-by-the-Apocalypse game about Disney employees with relationship problems. There was also a game called Wildlife Damages Tax Credit Application Copy A For Internal Revenue Service Center about encountering a bear.


He hopes to finish some things someday. 

Just Housing

"We are a part of the movement for housing justice, centered on the voices and needs of local people who are houseless.

We go beyond advocacy to directly support the survival of those who are houseless in our community. By partnering with individuals and organizations we help encampments with access to garbage pick-up, survival supplies, basic sanitation, building relationships with neighbors, and conflict resolution."

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Sythana Winterthorn & Orion Canning

Sythana & Orion are co-hosts and founders of AMIaB. Their goals with the podcast are to showcase designers and their games, to bring in new players to the community, and spur ideas for both aspiring and seasoned developers through creative play & interviews of other creators and their games.

  • Audio production & engineering: Sythana & Orion

  • Theme song: Orion

  • Social media & website images: Sythana

  • Equipment: Rode M1 Mics, Rodecaster Pro & Adobe Audition DAW

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