Designer: Jackson Tegu

"Jackson Tegu makes stories that you can play and games that help you tell stories. He does this constantly.

When you make up stories together, believes Jackson, you get the opportunity to explore topics that don’t come up in regular conversation. And you get to glimpse deep truths about yourself, and perhaps about your friends as well. Experiences such as those delivered by these games have intensified Jackson’s friendships. That’s why he wants you to play them too."

Here are some of Jackson's games available on his website. Many more become available after joining his Patreon.

Danksgiving [pdf]

It’s 2015. Tell the story of how the employees at the first legal marijuana dispensary in Ashland, Oregon, held a giant Autumnal feast, with different strains of weed artistically baked into or paired with individual dishes.

A 3 & 1/2 hour tabletop role-playing game in which 3 or 4 players can laugh and joke about pot, humanity, retail, expectations, answers to the big questions, and a lot of other things.


The Second Skins [pdf]

[This is an expansion, not a full game.]

Fresh blood is en route to the hearts!

This expansion for Monsterhearts and Monsterhearts 2 introduces seven new playable monster archetypes (Skins): the Sasquatch, the Wyrm, the Cuckoo, the Unicorn, the Heir, the Neighbour, and the Selkie.


These Skins have been exhaustively developed across many years, working closely with Monsterhearts creator Avery Alder and a team of other designers. The Second Skins have long been a public secret available only to Kickstarter backers– now available to all! 

Jackson's Socials

Jackson is a prolific game designer with an elegant, streamlined aesthetic. He's moved through many genres, crafting an intimate, curated experience that explores the essence of each theme he's working within.

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