Orion Canning

Orion Canning is a game designer, activist, and artist living in Olympia WA, having worked as a photographer, editor, music composer, film director, and a lot of retail. Much of his work can be found on his YouTube, or on other crowdfunding projects.

As a Game designer he has worked on over a dozen titles, including contributions to:


His most recent game is Dragon and Warrior.


Dragon and Warrior is based on old school JRPG video games, combining strategic turn-based battles with the play-to-find-out style of indie RPGs. The PDF is for sale on his itch.io page in the link above.


A Hack of Abnormal by Avery Alder with a Stranger Things spin, you're a character in a small town, trying to protect the people you and your friends care about from the monster that's abducting them.

You’re a narcissist, in a reality TV show, living with other backstabbing narcissists. Gameplay is told in daily video-journals or candid interviews, posted online for the enjoyment (or mortification) of all.