Sythana Winterthorn

Sythana was a Traditional RPGer before she played her first Storygame/Indie RPG Metrofinál by Jonathan Walton in 2011. The game's creative freedom and deep character exploration fostered a love for the genre and a need to be a mainstay within the Olympia Storygame scene. 

She began development of her own game in 2015, and after an extended break she'll begin a new round of playtesting within the year.

A First Nations Trans Female, with a degree in Studio Fine Arts, she's an advocate for all marginalized communities. Her long term goals include creating a political advocacy podcast once AMIaB is established.

Her visual art encompasses both Oil on Canvas and Mixed Media: Oil & Digital Painting. She's also a writer, with another of her long term goals being to release her written work here.


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